White Brothers Backing Thier Products


I just wanted to let you all know I had a WB E2 on the 426 and had problems with it coming loose where the pipe attaches to the front end cap. It finally broke because I fixed it too good. I was a little miffed to say the least.

I called WB and talked to the cust. service department. told them what I was dealing with and the nice guy on the other end said we will fix it for free just send it to us. I was quite surprised and very happy to hear this.

I sent them the pipe and didn't hear from them for two weeks so I called back and inquired about the pipe repair. He told me that my pipe was too far gone and they would replace it. I knew this meant that I would be getting the next generation of the pipe I had.

It arrived today just as they said it would and it is installed on the 426. I wanted to share with you because I feel the companies that back thier products even when they are over a year old should be recognized.

White Bros. stood behind thier product and I will buy more from them because of it. I actually have bought a WB full skid plate for the 450.

Thanks Steve and White Brothers for supporting the racer.

That's nice to know, I just ordered an E2 for my 2001 426.

Wow thats impressive. I will have to take a look at thier products.

Just bought a new front end hitch for my truck so I can haul my 450 when we go camping from hitch finder online and UPS lost the package which delayed the arrival date of the hitch. I contacted Hitchfinder by phone and they said they would next day air it to me instead of UPS ground (about 5 business days) to make up for the problem. Even though the problem wasn't Hitch finder it was verry accomodating of them to do that! Customer service is front line and can make or break most deals. I need a pipe for my wife's quad. I'll look at White Brothers!!

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