Green Sticker Needed?

I just got a CA. plated XR 600. I think I've finally learned how to start it. You really do need to find TDC,then couple of kicks and she's lit. Otherwise it's 15-30. My question is this, It has no Green Sticker, is there any advantage to having one? Like at OHV parks or something, or will the license plate let me run any were? Thanks I've been watching the forum and trying to learn.

Hahahaha, there's million dollar a year lawyers trying to figure out &%$#@! needs a green sticker on any particular day.

Now, take this with a grain, I don't live in CA, but do ride there periodically. The answer seems to be, "it depends on what LEO is enforcing what laws on what particular day". Generally, if you are street legal, you will have to meet all of the requirements when out riding-in other words you can't just run your plate and take off the mirrors and blinkers and still be OK. My experience has been, on my AZ plated bikes, they don't give me an issue, on my non-plated bikes, I have to purchase a CA land use permit. My CA buddies all tell me, if you are street legal, you don't need a sticker, but you better be street legal. If you are riding without all of the required equipment, and have no sticker, you will get cited.

Here's the real deal in California about green stickers and license plates...

"It is not necessary to register a vehicle for both on-highway and off-highway use. Valid on-highway registration allows the vehicle to be operated on and off the highway. Vehicles registered for on-highway use only may be subject to a "use fee" if operated in OHV parks."

As others have stated, it depends. I have a plated XR600 as well. Currently I have no mirror, no horn, and the only working light is the headlight. So far I have never had a problem, even at Gorman. I go there a few times a year, mainly to ride the forest trails. Otherwise my riding is in Forest Service or BLM controlled areas in Southern California. However, one day I expect to be hassled, so I got one of those fold down Acerbis mirrors. Those fold down mirrors are a joke! You can't see anything in them, but they satisfy the law. I'm also getting my turn signals and stop light in order. I think the enforcement at other areas, like Hollister, is somewhat stricter.

Be careful about getting a green sticker. From other posts here it seems like California no longer allows dual registration(green sticker and plate). Some have said that if you go and get a green sticker, you will lose your plate!

Thanks for the response.My son and I are going to try El Mirage Sat. He's still learning on an old KDX.My "Legal" pig is about the same Headlight,taillight,rear brake light work,quiet enough Supertrapp exhaust,but no high/low beam,it has turn signal's mounted but the wire's aren't connected and of course no battery. I just hope they don't do an inspection to enter the OHV. I'm an old school guy and haven't been to an HOV but all the places I used to ride are under houses.

I just got a CA. plated XR 600. It has no Green Sticker, is there any advantage to having one? the license plate let me run any were? Thanks I've been watching the forum and trying to learn.

DON'T WAST YOUR money you got the magic Little square back there

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