sick of this crap

Okay so im looking at my window and seeing snow and sleet...but guess what. Im sick of it and im going riding anyway, mud or no mud. Got me a handful of carwash tokens and a bad guys have a nice day IMA go play in the mud :thumbsup:


Help a guy from SoCal out, will you? What's all that stuff in my wheels?:

Just looking at your picture, you live in Cali and you don't run a FMF Q series? Have you ever caught any crap from Rangers or do you never ride in parks?

No, and not very often. The ones I ride, the rangers are few and far between, and are much more interested in suppressing drunkenness and actual crime than in that sort of minutia. The Ti4 17" isn't all that loud, either.

I hear what you're saying, but I like to ride spots like Gormon (sp) during the week without the crowds and of course they check your bike just to let you in.

Even when I ride Pozo (mtns. east of Pismo) I spot rangers back there often, I've never been hassled but I always like to ride legal just to shove it in the face of "The Man". DAMN THE MAN I'm back...and guess what...the riding was goooood. The track was muddy and it was cold but after a few laps I was stripping clothes off I was so hot. Gave the new yz a nice mud bath...but afterwards I look her to the carwash spa and gave her a nice hot bath and rubdown...and soaked her chain with 90wt. I guess she and I will make friends sooner or later.

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