best 06

i was just wondering if anyone knows what the best 450 is for 2006, i know most of us here are yamaha lovers, but lest be honest.. i heard that kawasaki got bike of the year. is that true

Yeah the kawi got bike of there year in a few of the mags. But you have to remeber there just testing those bikes for a short time being. Try owning one for 2 years and see what bikes last longer....the YAMAHA's do! they have the best 4 stroke motors out there in motocross right now so if i had to choose even though im a huge honda fan i would buy a yzf over a crf. Also it all depends on how well the owners keep up with the tuning and mantinence

Kawi got bike of the year in one of the mags, Honda got it in another and Yamaha got it in another. I am not sure who got it in the 4th of the big four mags. So take your pick and you will be fine.

I can tell you that my experiance has the Suzuki a real close second to the Yamaha. Actually, they were tie IMO but my Yamaha dealer is better than the Suzuki. :thumbsup:

yea and one year Cannondale got "Bike of the year"

geez screw the what you ride and like the best :thumbsup:

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