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Votrip or Stroker quiet tip...

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I like the power difference between an 'uncorked' vs. 'corked' exhaust, but the loud tone is getting to me.

I am wondering if any of you have tried / used either the votrip (sp?) or the Stroker quiet tip.

Any experiences would be helpful.



PS. Nice write up on the WR in the new Dirt Rider mag...

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Hi Rod.

I've tried both tips on my 1999 WR400.

First I tried the Vortip. Here in Colorado noise isn't much of an issue YET. But I thought since my friends DRZ was so quiet, why couldn't mine be too.

I hated the Vortip right from the start. Yes, it is very quiet but the bike has no low end. It revs OK though.

A friend accused me of thinking noise=power so I went to a field with earplugs, and went back and forth between no insert and the Vortip insert. It is definately a power robber in my eyes. But it IS VERY quiet.

I finally decided that since I hated it so much, I took a hack saw to the baffles inside the Vortip. Basically I turned it into a Stroker although a little more restricive. With the baffles chopped off, it is quieter at low throttle but gets loud with the power on. I could still feel a power difference though. I actually liked this setting and used it occasionally on rides.

Then I ordered the Stroker tip. It is a straight through design like my modified Vortip but the openning is even a little bigger.

Again it is reasonable at low throttle positions but gets loud when on the throttle.

At first I couldn't feel a difference between no baffle and the stock muffler with the Stroker tip installed. But I went for a ride last summer with the tip installed and was having trouble timing wheelies over small objects (don't laugh you Colorado boys) and finally decided to remove the tip. With it removed I was back to my old riding style (again, no laughing from Colo. boys). So I decided to leave the suckers out and just deal with it.

Then I trashed the heavy stock muffler and bought Clarks Carbon fibre E-series with titanium header but that's another story (yes I like it, yes it's loud).

So in my opinion, with the stock muffler, loud=more power, quiet= less power. You decide how to tune it.

In Colorado we can often do rides and not run into any other users so I can run loud 75% of the time with a clear consious. If I'm around others that might not appreciate my bike, I keep low on the throttle in respect to them.

If anyone wants to start debating the loud quiet thing, fine, but lets also talk about my neighbors Harley. I ran my bike and his next to each other and you couldn't even hear my un-corked WR at idle or at full throttle. And he rides in heavly populated Denver as apposed to sparsley populated forest land. So I won't go there in this post.


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I agree, you just have to deal with it. I love everything about my 99 wr400 but the noise. I wear earplugs and love the power. Pretty annoying at intersections when my buddies are deciding which trail to take, I see em talking, but I have to let them lead untill I figure out where they're goin! I never did find out if the stock exhaust was quieter but then I didn't care either, just heard the power diff. was worth it. I would guess putting one of these deals on your bike would be like going back to stock, doesn't make much sense.

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