What Exhaust are you using

FMF Q with Stainless SX Powerbomb Header. 94db and still eatin up the pimped out loud ass MX bikes :thumbsup:

If your runnin' the stock pipe with all of the guts out youre too loud, quiet it down :confused:

:thumbsup::bonk::confused: I could not agree more!!

On the issue of being to loud, here in South Africa the sport is not regulated in the same way as in the USA so the 94db regulation does not exist. I do agree that some bikes are just to noisy but I want power as well as a good sound...


In the US noise regs vary from state to state, forest to forest, competition to competition......... A good rule of thumb is 98db or less. On my 400 I had a WB E-series that just got too loud for me to ride all day....... I have found that the technology or design that goes into the quiet performance systems works :thumbsup: If it's jetted right you can have a rocket that is also semi-quiet. I wish noise was not an issue here in the US but it is therefore I suggest all US thumpers look towards the quiet performance systems :bonk:

stock yz

Stock YZ pipe on my WR426 Good Power Too Loud. Price was right!

Procircuit Ti GP lowboy full system.

Very aggressive power! No compromises here!

Stock YZ good mid range price was right

FMF Q with MEGA Bomb !! Mega bomb rocks-- hugh improvement over stock.

White Bros. EB2

Stock with PMB insert. Right amount of power and quiet.

2003 WR450 = Pro Circuit 496

2003 wr450 white brothers aluminum race series:)

Big Gun Race Series w/quiet core

two brothers -c2 awesome,loud,illegal

gytr-nice too

two bros sounds awesome

FMF Q with Stainless SX Powerbomb Header.

Stock YZ pipe. $45 bucks.

Jardine........really loud!

Pro Circuit full Ti4 system, love it!! :thumbsup:

Just bought a DrD slip on exhaust. Made a heap of difference in the bottom end to mid range. Able to pull up hill on sandy tracks in third gear without changing down to second. Previously had standard with insert removed. :thumbsup:

I'm running a YAMAHA GYT-5TA93-IT-AL , it cost $489.00 (Australian) which is about $348.00 (US). It has a good power delivery and it is reasonably loud but that's ok where i ride - and i still have the stock pipe to ride in club events

Was running the stock one gutted 0n my 99 WR400 but just got a White Brothers E series. Im running 12 disks and a stock header. This pipe rocks, its tuned for high end "12 disks" and I can pop it up from idol with no clutch in 1st and 2nd now (never before with the stock pipe). Cant wait to tune it for low to mid range and see what happens :thumbsup: . Everyone says the stock gutted is close to aftermarket. Im here to say no way!!!!!!!!! I do think its a little load though. I dual sport and am getting ready to run some local district 37 AMA desert scrambles and I think the db's will be over the limit. Im going to order a quiet insert and look into a power bomb to help also. Im a true believer in preserving what we have :thumbsup: and not pissing off anyone with noise and stupidity :confused: . Theres nothing more annoying than a really load bike :lol::eek: esspecialy if you're on it all day. :lol:

White Brothers E-Series w/12 disks performance receives :bonk::bonk::bonk::bonk::cry::bonk::cry::bonk::bonk::cry: out of 10 Bananas

Noise receives :eek::eek::o:D:p:eek: out of 10 bananas

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