Front Paddle Tire?

Has anybody ever used a single rib front sand tire to go along with your rear paddle tire? This will be my 3rd time going to Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Wanoka,OK :thumbsup: and was thinking about buying a single rib front tire to try in the sand? Any feedback would be appreciated! :thumbsup:

hey, i havent used a single rib front tire, but i have used a front spike tire for the sand and it works great in the dunes, instead of the nobs on a regular front, picture those nobs, but a bunch of tall triangle nobs in place of the regulare ones, like small pyramids for nobs and it slices right into the sand, i now the way i described it, sounds stupid and unclear, but maybe look in Chapparell catelog if you have heard of it, and u will find one in there. hope this helps

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