Hotcam install problem

After months of procrastinating I finally decided to install my stage 1 Hotcam in my 650R. I used a puller to get the flange off the cam and unfortunately broke one of the ears off the flange. I was thinking I had it covered when i prepared for the install by purchasing an extra flange but I accidently ordered a cam timing gear instead. Well, my flange FINALLY arrived and I'm wondering if the new flange has to be pressed onto the cam by a machine shop. If so, does it have to be done by a motorcycle repair shop or do you think any automotive machine shop will work? I have a factory service manual but I'm not aware of any special tolerances for this piece.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

When I installed mine, I could not get the flange off of the stock cam, so I also bought a new flange. I put the cam in the freezer for a couple of hours, then drove the flange on with a socket, with the other end of the cam backed up by a 2x4 (soft) on the garage floor. The tone of the hammer whacks changes when it seats and there is a spec in the manual so you can double check that the position is correct with dial calipers. It went on with no problem using this method.

I've installed more than a dozen HotCams in different XR650R's and most of the time when I've used a 'new' flange, it has slipped right on to the HotCam without any force or pressure whatsoever. It hasn't been a loose fit, but they've slid right on without any tricks. If it doesn't slide right on, then do the freezer trick and hopefully that will do it, otherwise you'll need to press it on. I try to warn people to never use a puller on the flange ears because they will break off as you found out and I'm sorry to hear it happened to you, but you'll be much happier once your bike is running with the new cam :thumbsup:.

Just make sure to properly break in your cam and don't forget to lube it real good with a zinc fortified engine assembly lube before you fire it up for the first time.

Oh, and don't ever stab at the kick start lever like a 2 stroke or try to start it without being just past TDC since you no longer have the auto decomp mechanism.

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