Dumb Battery Tender Question

I'm new to the e-start world. I bought an 05 WR450 a couple of months ago. I just bought a battery tender jr. and I want to install the permanent connector so I don't have to pull the seat off of the bike when I use it.

Is it safe to connect the tender connectors to the post with the black and red wires for the bike? Do I need something between the tender connectors and the bike wires?

A few pictures would be cool.

It's very ironic that I work for the world's biggest semiconductor company, and don't know jack squat about electricity.

My battery tender came with a 'pigtail'. It's about 6" long and has battery terminal connectors on one end and a plastic plug on the other. I just removed the screws from the battery terminals and connected one and, and hung the other into the airbox. Now I just pull the panel and plug it in.

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- Ryan

Yes, that should work fine

the pigtail tucks right in the slot in the plastic under the frame. when i need it, i can just fish it right out. pretty handy.

Been doing the same thing for a few years. Thought it might be a problem initially, but it never pops out when riding (or crashing). As they say, if it ain't broke.............................

I did similar, but ran the pig tail out just in front of the filter access. I use a spare plug to completely seal up the plug in. If you don't want to use a spare, at least put the positive wire on the protected side. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow, and if that will not work sorry. Mine is always visible, but is super easy to plug into. Looks like the photo style would also work well. Oh yeah, just wire the thing in with some round connectors, and spray with terminal protector to be safe. I used zip-ty to hold it to the frame.

If that cable passes against any metal, wrap that area ot it with tape to something. Any chaffing of the wire against metal that could cause the (+) to begin to short out will cause problems or maybe a fire.

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