Why do You Race SCORE?

I was asked this recently in light of the Honda deal at the San Felipe 250 and Dust to Glory and all this. Here is my response in general.

My first Baja 1000 was the 1973 Baja 1000 to La Paz. I worked an ambulance crew at the half way point of the race, next to the Stroppe Semi. We were in the middle of nowhere in El Arco and our race would be a night time one for the most part. Loads of racers came thru and even with the 2 am fog, it was exciting. A Model T Ford raced that year, complete with two guys wearing fur coats and open face helmets. Also there was some team racing an Honda SL 70 with a special one off fuel tank. You could push your finger into it and when you let go, the form would fill back out. Those are two of my most memorable moments.

Later in life, after watching a slew of Santo Thomas 300's, Baja 500s and Baja 1000s, it was my turn to race. I remember watching the finish of the 80 Baja 1000 in Ojos Negros. Three things stick with me. One, LR on his Yamaha 465 came by holding his spark plug in with one hand. It had blown out of the head on the road coming into Ojos and he was holding it in place to finish in Ensenada. Wild!

The second thing was watching AC Baken I think it was, come into the Husky pit at Ojos. He had hit a booby trap going down the road from the Sawmill and broke his right fork tube out of his triple clamp. He was holding the fork back in. They changed the triple tree and he continued on. Awesome!

The third thing was was watching the BMW team from Germany race their GS 1000s, one off, ISDT bikes that year. They had big white tanks with Marlboro on them and orange frames. One of the riders had hit a barbed wire fence the week before and had a knarly gash on his neck that was stiched and had a big, white bandage covering it up. They auctioned off there race bikes after the race was over, rather than fly them back to Germany.

I raced an Husqvarna 420 Auto with a buddy in Class 22 in the Baja 1000 in 81. Even got mentioned in the San Diego Union that year by name. DNFd but had a lot of fun. Came back in 82 and raced the first ever San Felipe 250 on the same bike, again in class 22. Still had a blast. Back then they only allowed 2 racers per bike team. Still think that is better than multiple riders now. That year was the best course, not these sand wash courses. It went to San Matais, up to Mikes, down past Simpsons, over to Valle T, up the Goat trail, over to the summit, down to Boreggo crossing and back across the lake bed to SF for a finish.

Went on to race the Baja 1000 in 85 on a Husky 510TX. Great time, long race, loop format, on the bike from Santa Maria to Hwy 1 and then again from Gonzaga Bay to finish line. Got 6th in Class 22. Had a blast, though I could have done with no booby traps, rocks thrown at me at night, glass bottles stretched out by Indepencia and a monster hole near Tres Hermanos. Still wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Atleast the three sisters had been bulldozed during the months leading up to the race. Wish they were back now though. Added misery to riding in Baja back then.

Went on to chase for a Class 9 team for better part of next 6 years thru 92. Pitted for Mag 7 when wasn't chasing.

Raced the 92 Baja 1000 on a Honda XR 600 with four friends. Came to race Class 30 and found out at sign up one of the guys was still 29. Oops! Back to Class 22 we went. Stock bike except for a pipe, filter and gearing. Ran great. I had the night section from Guerrero Negro to 60 miles north of La Paz. Got off for one 50 mile section at Comendu where another guy wanted to ride the rocks. Had a blast! Loved racing at night! Nothing else like it! Got flashed on the coast, missed a couple BFRs thrown at me sometime too. Had many trucks and fast movers catch me at night. Still hear that locomotive chasing me even today at night when riding alone.

More pitting with Mag 7 and chasing. Many good times. Wanted to race, but race buddies were bailing out of SCORE and money always seemed tight around the 500 and 1000. Raising a family was priority when deciding to spend money on racing or raising kids. Finally got on a race team, racing a quad in Sportsman class for the 04 Baja 500. We won first place in Sportsman class on a 660 Raptor. Was a great feeling, but pre running was even more fun than ever before.

Now involved with a new private Husky team started by a friend of mine and thinking of racing again. Finally over 50, so I can race any class now. LOL! And the 1000 is going to La Paz this year. Even better. Thinking of racing a vintage, 1975 bike this year too. Sounds fun so far.

So why do I love racing SCORE? Because of the excitement, the thrill of going fast off road at night, the adventure of it all and most of all, the feeling of racing against others in my class and overall.

Do I think about guys cheating, course cutting, not following the prescribed course route. NOPE! Thats there bag. I just love to race and tell stories after wards. Always have and always will.

Why do you race? :thumbsup:

I don't race SCORE.... yet...

But I've always been drawn to it. I can still remember seeing those first honda posters with the XR600R on em and just wanting one and wanting to be there.

It keeps getting closer and closer year after year. Soon.


whats with the often mentioned booby traps?

do people maliciously set up mantraps to main people ?

Well, PM me whether you race a Honda, a Husky or any bike or quad. I can help you down there with racing. :thumbsup:

whats with the often mentioned booby traps?

do people maliciously set up mantraps to main people ?

Yeah the locals (Mexicans) set them quite often.

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