Cheapest place to get Edelbrock Carb 650R

Where is the cheapest place to get the QS carb for the 650R?

I got mine $369 off e-bay. Great mod btw.

Stick with barnums, he knows his shit with tuning them, less than 400, I think 385? The ebay seller is shady, he rarely has them actually in stock.

i got mine from ebay $369 and had it posted to uk and got it in 3or 4 days :thumbsup:

Got one for the '01 XR400 off E-Bay, got it quick, works great, $386 including shipping.

I second Barnum's. Good price on the carb and excellent service - any questions you have about installation or adjustments will be answered correctly. Talk to Denise - she will hook you up.

I bought my first one off of TT's store. Not knocking TT because I think we have one of the best web sites around but I had to wait quite a while for it. They thought they had it in stock but did not.

I ordered my second one off e-bay for a better price and got it in a few days. Where ever you order it the price will be with in 20 to 40 dollars of each other and it is a great mod. I try to support TT whenever it is reasonable to do so. You might make that a part of your consideration.

As far as getting help setting it up goes you have hundreds of owners on TT that are glad to help out. Also the folks at Edelbrock will always help you though it does take them a while to get back to you.

Barnum's got my vote too. Sometimes you wait few days longer but its worth it to me because you know they're going to send it dialled right. I installed mine, fired it up, ran like a striped ape, right out of the box.

I spend a couple thousand bucks every year on eBay, various toys (and trinkets for the little lady), rarely have had any problems. I just used Barnum's because they have a good reputation. No regrets, Rob and Denise are good people.

Wherever you get yours, you're going to love it. Sweet upgrade.

Ride safe.

So as not to have to start a new one, I'm digging up this old one. I see the Barnumspro website does not list the Edelbrock for the XR650R anymore. So where is the best place/price for an XR650R Edelbrock these days?

ATV Galaxy has them on EBay for $400.

Call Barnums they are an Edlebrock dealer. That is where I got mine.

Sorry, been busy. Just emailed Barnums to see if they still carry them. Thanks for the replies.

I've been trying to contact Barnum's for the last 4 days without a response. Left 2 voice messages and sent an e-mail. How do these people stay in business?

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