05 Chain Slap Solution

I called my dealer on my new 05 about my chain hitting the sub frame and even the frame itself. Set chain at Min. Spec., and it still hit. Of course they said my chain was out of adjustment, and I am 75 miles from the dealer so solution was needed. (Still working on the warranty thing, but you and I know how well that will go.) Wrapped sub frame from bottom weld 5" up with two layers of black electrical tape for protection. I used a piece of .035 SS cut 4" long (scrap yard), and vise bent it 90 degrees at 5/8", then 90 again at 3/4", and final cut at 5/8 to make a channel. I then bent each edge in slightly to cause tight fit, and it actually snapped into place, and required a lot of force to remove by itself. Notch each end with 4" grinder at the bend 3/8 from end. Make notch with 1/4 left on each edge and same in center. Then simply zip-ty it down just above the weld and at the top. I have rode it hard on some bottoming woops and drops, and I think this will solve the problem. More then enough space for top zip-ty and bottom is low enough to not have contact either. I did not have time to mark up the frame to see if it stopped there also, but based on the layout I think it will. I will check that tomorrow. Yes the chain still hits, but it does not chew it away like the aluminum. I could send you some pictures if interested of the final product, but no camera was around while building it. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Sounds like an opportunity for an aftermarket item. Post a pic when you get a chance. Just curious, did the design change from 04 to 05 bring the chain closer to the subframe, or is there some other issue?

I don't know for sure, but it appears to be a design issue. Yamaha (my dealer) has not admitted that yet, but there is just way too many bikes after 05 with this issue. Some say they have adjusted it out with the chain, but most still have the problem. I don't want to run the risk of running the chain at Min. or less because all that does is stress the drive shaft. I have seen broken cases, leaking seals, etc. because chains were too tight. There is not a lot I can do about it now other then work on getting a new subframe and protecting it myself.

Most of us are going down in drive sproket size. 14 stock to 13.

With a 50T the stock rear sproket, the 13/50 ends up a 3.84 ratio.

If you left the 14T on fornt and went to a 54 rear increasing angle of the chain away from the swingarm, would this help reduce the slap.

Conversely, a smaller front would increase the problem.

Any thoughts?

I had the same problem with the chain slider rubbing on the top of the swingarm and wearing it away. An easy fix is to take off the cups that hold it down and curl the edges over a bit by hitting them with a socket.

Simple design flaw. I wonder if Yamaha fixed it for '06

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