I want to trade my stock WR rims for black, anyone interested???

I have a set of stock excel rims off my 99 wr 400 in perfect condition, I would like to trade them for a set of black excel rims in the same condition and size as stock. If anyone is interested, please PM me. Thanks.

I take it the back rim is 18" right? If so I'll buy it off you. I'm converting my YZ450 to a woods bike.

Just get them powder coated or anodized. I did mine in a teflon textured looking black. Works great and looks pretty cool....


Thanks for the idea lizard I have a buddy who powder coats, Ill see what he thinks, i know it sounds like a stupid trade but after all there really not worth that much more just because they are black. Everyone keeps saying "I bet you do" blah blah blah, you never know until you ask......

Try the anodizing. It looks really cool. Or, try the Chrome black. Looks really trick. It was hard decision for me, but I kinda like the teflon look....different from what everyone else seems to run.

Im into having a unique look and like the idea. How much did it cost you to get done, they had to disassemble the rims off the spokes right?

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