XR600 motor in XL600??


Does anyone know if an 85-87 XR600 motor will mount right up to a XL600 frame? Wiring? I'm sick of my XL motor and am looking for a cheap upgrade, and not an XR650r. The XR600's intake valves are 36mm vs. my 34 mm and the 31mm exhaust vs. my 30mm. Making my XL motor breath is a problem because the valve guides need to be shorter for a big cam. Too much $$$. Also, how much do you think I can get a XR600 doing to the rear?


Don't know what year your XL is, but I'd stay away from 85-87 XR motor and go later to get rid of the dual carb scenario. Should bolt right up as far as I know. The harness could have some differences. Get both wiring schematics and compare.

Anyone know if the single carb intake manifold from a '88 - '00 XR600R will work with a dual carbed XL600R head ? I would like to try a single carb on my XL, but don't know if it is possible without machining my own intake.


I've thought about the same deal with the manifold. I checked out the mounting pattern between both single and dual on partsfish.com. They both have 3 mounting holes on them. It looks like the single may bolt up, BUT the seperate ports, there will be a serious flow problem there, unless you gut the crap out of the cylinder head, making one port go into two. Also, a single carb may hit the rear shock. Look on the bright side, two 30mm carbs have about 12% more area then one 40mm which makes more flow.

More flow is good.

Maby I should just keep watching ebay for a good set of carbs,

mine are corroded junk from sitting outside for too long. (previous owner)

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