will this work?

will a YZ400/426/450 engine fit into a YZ125 frame.. i can do pretty much any kind of fab work. i was just wondering if anyone has done it or has seen a bike with a simmular setup? (1997 yz125 frame)/(98WR400 engine)

anything is possible ...

but why use such an old frame?

i can get the whole bike(97 125) for $200 (busted side case and tranny is burnt) and i have an engine laying around from my old bike that was recently totaled.. figured it could be a cheap way to get back on the track/trail..

i got a feeling that the 4 stroke engine is much higher than the 125 2-stroke, so measure it, so you´ll know that it fits in the frame before you buy the bike ..

if the part of the engine that fits between the frame is wider on the 4-stroke, you will have a problem that is hard to solve ... and if the swingarm bolt is thicker on the 2-stroke, but that seems unlikely ...

I think that if you are good at fabricating things, you will end up w/ a sweet trail bike that didn't cost a ton os $$$

Well bbr put a crf250r engine in a 150 frame so I bet yours is possible

So how did you total your bike?

let a friend ride it... and his cousin was riding the friends banshee... and hit him with the banshee head on in 4th going around 35 to 50? maybe, the bike was in second gear just cruzin around 25 to 30... it was the guy on the banshees fault.. i have a pic of the bike in the garage... totaled both vehicals..

hope they both didn´t get injured to bad .. :thumbsup:

(if someone did that to my bike i would definetly make him fix the bike ....or buy it, for the value it had before the crash)

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