I Freaking Hate Grease!

Does anyone know if Pro Seal is making the air filter gasket for the 06 YZ 450 yet? If so, who has them in stock?


I do not use grease.

I do not use the Pro Seal air filter gasket.

I use White Brothers and Twin Air filters and either Maxima FFT or Maxima FAB-1 and just make sure that the base of the filter gets a good coat of it. Once "dry", it's easily tacky enough to seal the filter.

Agreed the days of greasing that lip.....sounds funny, are over. They seal up just fine w/o the mess. :thumbsup:

I have the PCRacing Proseal gasket on my airbox. Like airfilters, you can use the seal of older models. The gasket and a well oiled filterbase = no leaks.

If you use a TwinAir plastic airbox cover, you need a longer mounting screw.

So the Proseal gasket for a '05 YZ 450 will fit?

I've noticed the airbox is quite a bit different then the 426. Just want to confirm that a gasket made for the '05 will work.


It will fit. Look at the chart, PC3 fits all YZs and WRs except YZ85.

Also the 2006 models. The airbox hole has not changed even though the outer dimensions/form of the airbox may vary.


I just put one in my bike last night. On the package it said it was for an 05 and it fit perfectly as do the air filters from my 03 YZ450. I think it adds additional insurance that you get a good seal at the airfilter base so I use the gasket.

All late model YZ's use the same filter whether they are 2 or 4 stroke. I guess I am from the old school and will continue to use grease. Old habits are hard to break. :thumbsup:

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