AIS for 03 450 ??

i just ordered the AIS for my 03 wr450, but after looking around, it appears it is for 05 and newer.

Does this work on the 03?

I cut gray wire, should i just get throttle stop?


There is no AIS on the 2003 450WR. Take the kit back to the dealer for a refund or cancel the order. Yes, install a YZ throttle stop or cut the WR stop to the proper length, if the stop hasn't already been modified. Do a search on this forum for instructions for cutting the throttle stop.

You'd have to buy a new jug to get that ais to fit- :thumbsup:

I knew it, those idiots.

Thanks, :thumbsup:

If you really want one I'll sell you the setup off my 05 and then you can install your new kit!

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