00 426 engine noise...please help!!!

...some superficial, no good, momma's boy who was born with a .... mouth
Edited for compliance with reality. The simple reason he's never worked for anything is because he's probably too young to drive, never mind get a real job. I wonder if he got his homework done before he got online tonight?

Thanks to you guys! now I am little concern about the noise on my 2002 426, runs great, I changed the oil and I found some metal particles on the oil filter, I want to be sure that the balancer gear nut and the clutch basket nut are not loose, My question is how hard is to get to the balancer gear nut? Do I have to go through the water pump. I have worked on the clutch but never further than that/ please some help..Any special tools needed.

I have an 01 426..I get noise on the left side..But I think its the chain..Kind of a clattering..I think its hitting the frame..Its a non o ring chain and rattles arounds a bit..

New sprockets and chain are in order...

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