What kind of PowerNow?????

Huy Guys,

I want to install a PowerNow in my '03 YZ450F. I am looking for more low end boost and a little better throttle response.

What should I expect from the Power Now?

Should I get a Powernow(from the airbox to the carb) or Powernow Plus (from the carb to the engine)??

Which works better????? I am clueless here and need your help!!!!!! :thumbsup:

I suck at making anything like this myself so I have to look at the purchase option. Which is best and how will it help me???????????

Thank you TT'ers :thumbsup:

I bet(don't quote me) the one between the carb and engine works better. Because isnt it supposed to mix the gas and air together better not just swirl it around before it gets any gas added.

I dunno :thumbsup:

Anyone has experience with this that can help?????

I have one in my 03 - helps a little - I would buy the Quickshot from Boyesen before you spent the money on the PN. Much better response from this.... :thumbsup:

Get the one between the carb and engine. You can also make one if you're on a low budget.

JoeJoe, I personally think the one between the airbox and the carb to be the best one. The reason IMO is the fact that it cuts the intake tract to half its size until the slide passes it. This increases the velocity of the air entering the carb and creates more vacuum on the jets. That is why it picks up the bottom with no effect up top. If you placed the same blade into the airstream downstream of the carb, what would that accomplish? I think the airflow into the carb would still be too low to get great response right off of bottom. The jets and emulsion tubes and circuits of the carb atomize the mixture quite well if there is enough vacuum to pull the fuel into the airstream. Using a smaller carb than stock results in a much more responsive motor but less top end. I personally think the PN mimics a small carb til the slide passes it. It works great on mine. I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken. :thumbsup:

I have an original power now in original package with the little plug to line it up - if you're interested shoot me a pm - dont need it on the 06 :thumbsup:

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