Ganaraska forest, did you run into a drz400s?

yea hey, I just went riding in ganaraska forest today, east of Toronto I guess it is.

anyways, I ran into(not literally) a guy with a 426, I was on my blue drz400s. Just trying to see if he posts on here. So if you were that guy then post a reply.

I'm not the guy but I live in Binbrook. Do you belong to Steel City Riders and where do you usually ride locally. I'm always lookoing for better spots amd more local areas. Any input is appreciated.


2000 WR400

2001 TTR 90

2000 XR 50

Locally I ride at turkey point once and awhile, not that turkey point is exactly locally. I'm goin to ganaraska forest next weekend on saturday, best place I've ever been to so far.

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