Anyone using a flywheel weight and also rad cages

06 yz 450

I can't get flywheel weights yet from Steahly or GYT-R. Does anyone out there have them yet....what size? how are they working? After putting on a 51 tooth rear I'm debating on maybe 6-8 oz weight. with the 49 tooth stock rear sprocket I was going to stick on the largest weight I could find.

Does anyone have rad cages yet? CRD's look good but are not available until April and Works connection won't have theres until april 4th. I'm not intersted in the rad front gaurds like unabikers, just the cages for side impact.

I called Steahly- they are one to two months out with their weight. SFB is at least a month out. Guess it must be hard to make a template for the new ignition cover. SFB has the weight but not the larger cover. I like the looks of the unabiker guards, but don't like the front grill either. If they do make a stand alone brace, I'm not sure where they will brace it to without using a cage.

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