yz450f breather tube

I've noticed in some mag. pictures of Chad Reeds 450 that the head breather tube is not running down the left side of the frame and looks to be routed somewhere else. However at the Atlanta Supercross it was in the normal place :thumbsup: . All I know is that it looks ultra trick if not seen, so I've rerouted mine. Take it loose and turn it around, send it thru the frame and over the carb, then down between the air-boot and frame, then thru the carb tubing holder (far inside), and rest the end of the tube on the swing arm behind the brake reservoir (bent end will be down). It should stay clean and clear. Just make sure there is no restriction any where in the line.

If any one knows why this would be a :thumbsup: no no, Please let us hear !!! Other than that, It really makes your bike look trick.

Welcome to TT. Do a search on this. There is some even better ideas out there. :thumbsup:

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