new 06 450

First let me say the bike runs better and stronger then any other bike I have ridden. I put the 48 170 jet combo in and it took away all the popping. I have been reeding posts that say I should change the front tire and and lower the front forks for handling gains, how important are the changes for the bikes handling. And if I make the changes what tire should I go with and how much should I lower the forks? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I changed to Michelin S12 front and rear and LOVE them as i did with my YZ250f...ride soft/loamy tracks, not much hardpack or trail.

My forks are raised to first line.

good luck.

We're talking night and day difference. Go with Dunlop 756 in front. Slide forks up to first mark on the tubes. Go with taller handlebar, and if you are around 170 lbs., back rear shock (low-speed) compression off 4 clicks so the bike settles in the turns. The 4 clicks on the shock make a huge difference. I let a heavy guy ride mine (he rides an '06 CRF 450) and he came back babbling about how plush it was and how well it turned. He never bottomed on the jumps, and he goes hard and fast.

I weigh 190 and kept the shock stock. Lowerd the forks to first line which works very well for me but next is the new front tire as I can concur the stock front tire stinks....

Ride the bike for an hour or so then set the rear sag, drop the front forks to the first line, change the front tire ( I run a Maxxis IT), jet it w/ a 168 main & a 48 pilot, toss the stock chain and put on a Uni air filter. Wow, watch this bike ride like a works bike! Sweet power everywhere and great suspension too. :thumbsup:

756 or 755 dunlop on front..............

regarding droping the specific amount......try a few differant set takes about one minute to can always go back to stock settings.................

PLAY WITH YOUR SETTINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't be afraid.......Find the Best for you.........

PS, I've dropped/rasied???? my forks about 1/4" below line, turns on a dime for me.........

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