best gas for a 450 06

I got my bike two days ago and the manual said to run 95 octane or more. I was wondering if strait race gas is to much or if I should run 50/50 race gas and pump.

Your bike should run fine on premium pump gas.

The 95 octane in your manual is "Research Method" octane. The research method puts less stress on a fuel than the "Motor" method, so research octane numbers tend to be higher. Much higher, really. The Motor method is more representative of the demands placed on fuel by a race engine or dirt bike, but that's not what gets posted on the pump.

Because of the disparity in the two rating methods, and the confusion it causes, the law requires retail gas pumps to be labeled with an average of the two, so you see "R+M/2" on the pump. Pump premium is generally about 95-96 octane by the research method, and roughly 87 octane by the motor method, averaging out to 91 or so. It is exactly what's called for, and normally works just fine.

thank you for all your info.

I use Citgo leaded race gas(4.00 a gal), straight mix. It doesn't really gain me any power, but my carbs are sparkling clean, smells good, and it won't deteriorate over time.

I also put it in my lawnmowers before I put them away for the winter. :thumbsup:

Later Devo

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