welding the wr

hi im gonna tack a couple nuts onto my subframe to fit some rear pegs to my 01 wr400, just wondering if there are any precautions before welding to the frame (electrical). also how many litres of new oil do you put in after the 3 bolt oil change? will one of the new yz rear fenders fit onto my wr? the pointy end ones cheers

I would disconnect the battery and use a copper wire of sorts to make an earth ground from some point on the frame to the ground. Always a good idea to remove the tank also.

I heard something about disconnecting the CDI, but if you're welding the subframe, why not remove it and weld on the bench?

hi, thanks for your input i thought about what i was doing in the end and i just removed the whole rear end of the bike :thumbsup: regards to oil are there any links to figures in metric for the threee bolt oil change? cheers

1 1/2 quarts of oil will get you close. Start it and warm it for a minute, then check your dip stick with out screwing it in.

I was thinking on some pegs for mine to. Let me know how it turns out, maybe some pics :thumbsup:

I dont think it would hurt any thing electrical cause nothing else will be in the circuit, but like they said, its easy to unplug the cdi just to be on the safe side, and get that gas away unless you want to see how big of a boom you can make :thumbsup:

As long as you got your subframe off you should increase the pre-load on the rear spring if your gonna double up alot..... :thumbsup:

i just reemed up the spring a little, as it was too soft in the first place, now its cool

i will post some pics once the pegs are on because i have just got the blackbird racing full graphics kit/seat cover so when i do let me know what you think :thumbsup:

Whyyyyy do you want buddy pegs? Ya can't go fast with a kid on the back.

a very valid point but i was over-ruled by my girlfriend :thumbsup: so i managed to comprimise with bolt ons, so i decided to weld some nuts onto the bike,so i can put em on ....and take em off again :thumbsup:

a very valid point but i was over-ruled by my girlfriend :thumbsup:

You were overruled by the GF. Damn dude you must be pretty whipped to deface your bike.

That just does not sound safe..... some mild whoops might scare her off...... worth a try.


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