Choke valve stalls bike?

So I realize this shouldn't be complicated but nevertheless- My 02 YZ426 will only start without the choke on. If I pull the choke it stalls the bike. So am I running way too rich, in which case what should I adjust. Or can I just leave this as is? thanks for your help

Are you talking a cold start? If your bike is running and warmed and you pull out your choke it will stall, thats normal. Not having to use your choke to start a cold bike thats great, I can do that too, though it takes a lot more energy from me to fire the bike up. If I were to guess, I would think it would be running a tad rich. I assume you have a nice clean air filter that is properly oiled and there are no other obstruction in your intake system...How does the bike run otherwise. A rich running engine will feel sluggish and would load up etc......

If you don't need your choke to start your bike when it's cold, it's too rich. The start/idle circuit uses the pilot jet so I would drop that down one size. It will crispen up the throttle response also. Now if it's a really warm day, over 90* and you don't need it to start a cold bike, I wouldn't worry about that.

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