My Local Yamaha Dealer told me that NCVQ needle

Is the same as a JD needle (didn't specify what color). Once again the mechanic who worked on my bike said " the NCVQ needle is the same thing as the needle in the JD kit".

Any knowledgeable people care to comment on that?

I was running a OBELN, 168 main, 200 main air, 48 pilot, 100 pilot air. He said there should be noticeable improvement. Oh yeh also installed a Boyesen QS.

The NCVQ seems to be the one that most racers use, I haven't used it though.

Try it out, it couldn't be a bad thing when the jd kit costs $70 for 2 needles and 4 jets......

I think J D is slang for "Let Me Take Your Money"- 2 bad experiences..

The NCVQ needle works great. I'd have to recommend it. Smooth all the way through. On the other hand the $95 Boyesen AP thing didn't eliminate the BOG. Guess I'll have to twist the BK screw in a couple turns.

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