'03 YZ450F Wiring Diagram

Hey Fellers,

I am ripping all the electrics off my '03 WR450F (tired of pissing away money on a poorly designed/ high maintenance electric start) and would like to see how the YZ wiring diagram from the service manual compares to the wiring diagram I have in my manual. If anyone could scan or photo the diagram page and email it to me, that would help a lot.

Thanks for the help and safe riding.



Ya know bro, if you just buy the YZF instead of trying to build from scratch in your garage, you would get the manual to go with it.

Keep at it though Dr. Frankenstein, We know I'll need your help after chasing you around all summer hitting trees, rocks, dirt...

I have an 04 YZ 450--would you like the wiring diagram for it? I am trying to sell the bike ;maybe you could buy the bike and swap wiring harnesses HAHA.

I would actually love to buy your YZ and then supermoto, but unfortunately I can't swing the cash right now. I'm already investing $2k in my WR to "freshen" it up for this season. Thanks for the offer though. Good luck selling your bike.

No, I don't need you to send me a pic of the wiring diagram now. Greyracer513 hooked me up w/ the link. I forgot all about Thumperfaq. Thanks a million!

Narrdo...blow me! Ha!

Everyone else...try to keep the rubber side down.


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