So i bought a new chain and it still has enough slack even when in between 1.6-2.0 of play on the chain to hit the tire. So i made sure my swing arm wasnt bent.. (yeah right) but just to be sure.....then i checked the tire elignment and also took off the wheel and re-did my spokes to get them all perfectly the same.....i worked from 3-9 today on that bike non-stop and after i did my spokes right at 2.0 inchs of play in the chain it touchs. :confused::thumbsup::thumbsup: What the f*** is wrong? :bonk: Also my wheel is perfect and is perfectly in aligned?!?! Please help race this sunday!!!!

How wide of a backtire do you have? Is it an o ring chain bacause they are usually stiffer and have less freeplay side to side than non o ring chains. Is it hittling the tire while your riding or are you just pushing it over with your hand? If its just barely scuffing it's no big deal but if its taking big chunks out than you could have a problem. Is it stock rim or wider?

Double check you "DISH" on the spokes. I once had a shop dish a wheel wrong and the tire hit the chain, had to take it back and get it fixed.

To kid on 426 it has the stock tire on it and it is thwe standerd chain....u can seee on the tires outter knobbys that it is chetching but after i took off my wheel and re did my spokes as best i could it was a tad better. The bike it all stock......i have a race this weekend and i dont have the time to order a o ring if you think it iwlll help??? anD TO yak what do you mean by dish? thanks

What kind of play is there on the new chain? What length did you cut it? I believe for a 426 this should be 114 links correct guys??????

Please tell me you replaced the sprockets also.......the drive chain must be installed as a set......especially if the stock chain is totally worn.....

It should not be hitting anything but the chain rollers and chain do not need a oring chain hell this is even wider.....what size tire is on the rear? 110/120????

this is not making since

Is the counter sprocket offset on one side?Some of the aftermarket sprockets are made to go on ONE way only.The spacers are in the rear wheel right?Is it hitting on top of the swing arm or on the bottom?If it's on the bottom could the rear chain guide be bent or broke?As far as the tire goes I would think anything up to a 120 should be fine! There is a logical answer for everything,you just have to find it!Upper and lower chain rollers are not broke or bent are they?It could even be a wore out chain buffer,it could have wore grooves in the buffer that holds the chain over to close to the tire.At this point I am just throwing out ideas! :thumbsup:

I think an o-ring chain helps keep this from happening because they don't flex side to side as much. I have seen it before on bikes with non o-ring chains. Before I put the x-ring chain on my YZ the stock chain stretched everytime I rode the bike.

First, I sold Brennen the chain. It is the brand new chain off of my YZ450. It was never used, EVER.

Second, I would think that his alignment is off. Do not trust the marks on the rear axle block. Measure from the swingarm bolt to the axle bolt. He must also have a wider tire out back. It should be a 110, but a 120 should still work.

Third, go ahead and race on Sunday because you know the chain is good and the force of the pull from the front sprocket will not allow too much deflection of the chain.

When i did tighten my chain i did measure from the rear axle to the swing arm axle and they were both equal.....and on the chain its about 1 3/4 but i couldnt tell you right now exactly because im in computer Apps.....haha....and its the stock tire which i believe is 110 somthin whatever comes stock on the bike....also i did not replace the sprokets there in good shape and since my other chain i guess isnt shot ill put that one on again so that they will fit well. Also ill check the sproket it looked good yesterday on correctness........Also none of the guides would effext this.....when i lift the chain off the swing arm and move it inward it touches just a little on the tire and you can see where it is touching.....if i knew how to get some pictures i would get some for ya...if someone can show me how to ill get some for ya ASAP

Quit measuring the slack of the chain. Take the shock off and run the wheel thru all of its travel. Adjust the chain til there is a small amount of slack when the chain is at its tightest. If you always have a minute amount of slack you wont fold your sprockets. Turn your idle up also.

I have a non o ring chain on my bike, that damn thing is noisy..Its adjusted properly..But there seems be more side play than the o ring chain on my 250..

When I do the chain and sprockets here soon I will replace it with and o ring chain..

Why would i not want to measure the what do u mean?...sorry a little confused

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