when to replace clutch

what signs/symptoms suggest that the clutch may need to be replaced? just wondering because I don'th think the clutch has been replaced on my 01 426.

hey, i have the same 01 426 and while i was at glamis riding the steep sand dunes i noticed i would give it gas and my bike would rev up really hight but not go any faster up the hill, this meant that the clutch was slipping, which is the first sign of a clutch going bad, and you might notice a power loss in you bike, anyways i just changed my friction plates and springs in my clutch and now it climbs hills like no other. hope this helps man

Lol what idiot_on_426 reminded me when the clutch went out on my old 1980 xr80. In the really deep mud messing around then I get stuck so my brother comes over to help me. he gets it out with a lot of clutch slipping (He was way too big for the bike and had about 70 pounds of mud on it)so he gives the bike back to me and I start to take off but I only got about 15 feet before it stalled so I start it back up and take off but I'm not making almost any ground. I just thought that the backtire was spinning so I make my way over to the dry ground and my bike stalls so I just decide to push it bacause I was only about 20ft from the car.I get there and take a break and then try to start it again and I try to go and it just wouldn't so I thought it was in neutral but it wouldn't down shift so I thought I broke something in the transmission so I start pushing it and pull in the clutch and then I go to let it out and it kept rolling and im thinking to myself I thought it was in first. So I go to click down again and it would still roll and then my brother said that when he was slipping the clutch to get it unstuck that he said the clutch went out and that he smelt something burning. It was so bad that every gear felt like neutral

Also you can tell that the clutch is going out when you have it adjusted all the way out and it still is very slow or late to engage. Also you can get a good idea when you got the clutch in and finger it out slowly and you can feel that it is slipping at low rpm. But also like they said you can tell when you get extreme disengage when you are on the throttle with the clutch out.

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