AIS removal kit not needed?

I just bought a left over 05 wr 450 the other day and while the mechanic was doing all the free mods ( throttle stop, grey wire, etc..) I ask him about the AIS and if he was going to take it off too. He didn't know what it was so he ask another mechanic that had just taken a class from Yamaha about it and he said they put a bolt in something and that takes care of it. He said something like you can either buy the 50.00 kit from Yamaha or just put a bolt in something and be done with it. I don't really know what the AIS is, but has anyone else heard this? My last bike was a 01 WR so this AIS stuff is new to me.

Sorry don't have more info but the mechanic didn't seem really talkative.I wanted to talk to the guy a little bit more but was signing papers and he was busy working on somthing else and I didn't want to bother him. I am wondering if I need to go ahead and remove the AIS or if it is fixed? I haven't got to ride the bike very much, it has been cold and been busy. I figured you guys might know something about this or if it's not a good fix or not.

Search Farmboy, search...SC

A-FIRM That is correct

Get the TT kit, around US34 delivered "Stateside"

Dont be backward about putting it in, either :thumbsup:

There are a lot of threads that will say the TT AIS kit is difficult to install - it is NOT hard if you do it as recommended in the instructions. I resisted installing it for a while, because of all the stories, but recently had my tank, seat and right rad off to install a new header and rad guards - so no excuses...It is simple once you are prepared. Even the dreaded exhaust plug just takes a few gentle taps (easy with the rad and fender off :thumbsup: )

The 05 and 06 have AIS. Easy to see, plumbing on the RHS of the carb and motor - for tree huggers only..


It was very simple. I did mine last week. YOU CAN EAT AN ELEPHANT ONE BITE AT A TIME!!! Just take your time and follow the instructions. :thumbsup:

Search Farmboy, search...SC

Farmboy... what does it means...I'm asking cause I'm not from the english space :thumbsup:

Farmboy... what does it means...I'm asking cause I'm not from the english space :thumbsup:

I think you might have to go search as well ! - just kidding


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