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Hey i would like to know what it takes to empty the fluid out of the front fork of a YZF 426 2002? then what about filling it up

I would like to know how to measure the level because I sprung a leak a few weeks ago and a bit drained out and I'm wondering If I should fix it and add more.

If you just want to change out the brake fluid just put new fluid in the reservoir and bleed the old stuff out at the caliper until you get new fluid out the bleed.

To get the fluid to bleed out hold the lever in to the bar, while holding the lever in open the bleed at the caliper. The fluid should spray out, once it's finished spraying close the bleed and release the lever, as long as you have fluid in the reservoir do it again.

no the fluid in the fork

Sorry, you would think I'd be able to read at this time in my life. I always had to remove the forks from the bike pull the top cap off and pour the fluid out. To set the fluid level you need to remove the spring and a small tape measure.

If you just want to add a little fluid you can use a siringe to add it through the air bleed cap.

Your owners manual will walk you thorugh it. You'll need a 17mm allen wrench to remove the base valve at the bottom of the fork after you remove the fork cap. If you haven't messed with forks before, try to find someone who has or research it on the net. It's not hard once you do it once but the first time is a little intimidating. You could just remove the fork from the bike, take off the fork cap and dump the fluid out but the worst of the fork oil is still in the dampening rod and the bottom of the fork since to get all the old stuff requires you to take them apart. To refill them, you have to pump all the air out of the dampening rod first then fill it up to the specified level. When they say for example, 110 mm, they mean with the fork collapsed, measure 110 mm inside the fork and that is where your oil level should be. Like I said, it's all in your owners manual and the only special tool you'll need is the 17 mm allen head. If you were near by I would walk you through it...

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