06' stock muffler 1st plate removal & noise

I am planning on removing the first plate(the one with two pipes in it) from my stock muffler but am planning on riding some events this summer. Anyone done this mod and had it tested? I have a PMB insert, and think that the combo would be pretty quiet, with good power. Any done the first plate mod? How much more noise was there. More power?



You'll get power gain for sure and the noise will stay at the acceptable level (unfortunately don't know how many dB). If you want to make further tuning to your stock muffler use this link :

http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=349760 :thumbsup:

Thanks man.

I did it and it is pretty loud. I am sure I am too loud, but I haven't been checked yet.. :thumbsup:

Tony, have you tried putting the spark arrester screen in to quiet it down? I was thinking that the stock insert and the screen should get me through a sound check, if I needed too.

there was hardly a noticeable increase in sound on my '06.

Did you also notice a bit of a power increase chubbyfat? Are you using an insert?

Did you also notice a bit of a power increase chubbyfat? Are you using an insert?

in a nutshell, yes. nothing earth shattering, but with the pmb insert and proper jetting there is definitely an increase and smoother power delivery. no doubt, worth the work.

I know there was some tutorial for doing the removal of the first baffle (since I'm thinking of doing it too) but I can't find it in the archives. I took the end cap and spark arrestor out, but how do you get to the baffle? Also, what are the two rivets (on top and bottom where the allen screws are) for?

Thanks a bunch.

I'm taking out the first baffle with the two openings and putting on a 35mm pipe today. I'm going riding this weekend so I"ll let you guys know what I think. I'm just hoping it's not too loud and piss people off since we dont have any sound checks here.


Hey, I did put the screen back in and it still is loud. (Compared to stock)

The way I did it is, I took a large hole saw and drilled out the entire center of the muffler then cleaned up the extra metal with punch and hammer. Looks good in the end..

I have no baffle and I run the pmb insert. It definately increased power a bit but it is kinda too loud. My friends tell me that it is rediculously loud. I don't think so..

I have the the wider insert on my 06 with the spark arrester still in. I have passed sound check at three races without a problem. I think it was at about 94 but I forgot. :thumbsup:

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