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OMG! Airbox fan

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well we all have been waiting for this fan to be tested , Scott the engineer and producer of this product has got a working kit all sorted out and he sent me a kit to install it on a new stock yz250f and give some feed back to what was found.

the bike that was used was a new 07 yz250f that had no time on it at all ,

it still had the titty's on the tires and the chain had not been adjusted yet, and it is all stock -----everthing stock .

i first got used to the bike stock , i put in a 30 min moto on the Motoland track in Casa Grande AZ,

the yami was great ---the kyb stuff works good as deleiverd, the clutch and chassis are also top knotch , i was able to go out and rip very hard on this bike in a lap or so --. ( i do like the yz 250 f yami anyway and have spen alot of time on them and they are really fun and easy to ride----the new tires from bridgstone are really cool on this bike , also a bonus ! )

then i came in and proceded to install the kit ,------Scott has now made the kit where you use a different stator for the extra a/c power to run the very cool high out fan ( way better than trying to use a battery pack )

he also uses a rectifier to wack the a/c wave in half to only use the dc side of it to run the dc fan ----real normal stuff !

so you pull the flywheel with a puller that is supplied in the kit , install the stator , re-install the wheel and you are done there .

then you remove the air filter, and the air filter holder in the box , then you pop the fan assembly in the box and tighten up the band and you get a shorter air filter bolt and cadge and you install your factory air filter .

it all fits very nice , clean , and professional looking .

then you install a different pilot jet, leak jet, and a pump diafram -----all included in the kit-----.

then i fired the bike up , warmed it up again ( it took me 1 1/2 hrs to install the kit for the first time----after now i have done it i can do it in 1 hr )

on the track the bike had a different exhaust sound ( deeper ), the bike would come up on the power quicker with less clutch work , and it had more mid -----and really had more on top , ------the fan spins harder with more rpm , kinda cool when using the bike electrical system ----the more rpm the more current , so the faster the fan spins .

the fan will spin 5,000 rpm at top current of 2.5 amps.

the thing works better than i though it would , it felt like a big motor in the mid ----but it would still spin to the moon and made good overrev because you are still using a nice light stock size piston !

there are several really big long jumps right out of corners that were really hard to make on the stock bike ,-----with the fan installed the bike could easily carry 4th gear and clear them -----as when stock the bike had to stay in 3rd and you had one hell of a time getting the ft wheel over .

i have to say the thing is real , and it does help power no doubt.

i really feel that with a pipe, and a modded motor the thing would really work well there also .

i took and put the bike back to stock ( except i left the stator in )--and then i ran it again to see if i could tell if the stator would pull the motor down at all ,---( there was no difference from stock stator to mod stator )

the bike ran just the same stock ( it was easy to tell when you took it off and then road the thing that it was back to being week in the mid and top again .)

it took along time to get this test going , but i feel like Scott has really put a huge effort in getting the kit streemlined and doing away with the battery pack .

this alone is worth the weight.

i asked him to make one for my crf250 honda , and he said he is trying but the honda air box is so screwed up that it will be a nightmare to come up with a set up for it -----the yami is just such a nice designed box and the system really fits nice

Just refreshing review for new viewers:thumbsup:

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