Adjustable Fuel Screw?

I've always had some popping issues in the past with my bike and i'd like to make it a bit easier to adjust the fuel screw, but I can't find one for my 1999 yz400f. I can only seem to find them for the 450s and 426s. Anyone know where I could find one? :thumbsup:

I also looked all over for a fuel screw and found that the difference in the float bowl between the 400s and the 450s requires a different screw for clearance issues. I just purchased a Zip Ty screw (FMS02) as well as a JD jetting kit from the TT Store.

What about one for the 426? Think that'd work?

According to the TT Store, the FMS02 is meant for the yz/wr 400.

The FMS01 is for yz/wr 426, 250, and 450 bikes.

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