Lets drop some weight! 06 YZ450

I know she already feels really light, but I would like input on how to make her the lightest I can. I don't know much about doing this, so hope you guys can help out. And don't tell me to "USE THE SEARCH!!!", it's a forum, and it's for postin :thumbsup:. Hope there isn't a thread like this already though :thumbsup:

First thing I was going to do was buy a full system DMC Afterburner after reading about it in CRF forums, but I have no idea if this is much lighter than stock. I already added some weight with the Lightspeed 57mm pegs =/, but they rock!

Thanks guys

Most of us do it the economical way.................go on a diet! :thumbsup:

There are titanium axles, nuts, bolts etc...that will shave some weight but at a tremendous cost

The stock exhaust is the heaviest out there any aftermarket will save weight

I luv my lightspeed 57mm pegs to....wider pegs do make a huge difference!

no one else? =/

Magnesium hubs but they are WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY pricey about $1000-1500 Lighten the drivetrain a little with aluminum sprockets I think tag makes some aluminum handlebars. Not a whole lot else other than what Ga426 said

powerwash the dust off it, shave your head, cut your finger nails. he he

I agree, the exhaust would be the cheapest.

My fat azz tips in over 280. One less trip to Burger King is the key for me. OH, and I did a Dr.D exhaust, although I cant tell any wieght difference. Coming from a WR this thing already seems wieghtless.

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