Wather pump problem

Guys my water pump e leaking from a hole it has on the bottom

Any guess´s were can be the problem?

ow can i take the turbine out?The motor keeps speanig and she dont come out


Guys my water pump e leaking from a hole it has on the bottom

Any guess´s were can be the problem?

ow can i take the turbine out?The motor keeps speanig and she dont come out


Let me say rite off that I own the quad and not the bike, but as far as I know the water pump should be the same. I am sure someone will set me straight if not.

If you pull the side cover off you can put a wrench on the backside of the impeller shaft to hold it while you remove the "turbine". I have heard of folks using an impact wrench to take it off without removing the side cover. But I wouldn't recomend it. I would be afraid of snapping off the end of the shaft.

On the yfz quad the seals will leak on the shaft, when I replaced ours I went ahead and replaced the two seals, the shaft, and the bearing all at the same time. Doesn't cost too much (for the quad anyhow).

I know on the quad there were some motors that came with one of the seals installed backwards from the factory. The flat part of the seals should both face each other, in the middle, where the weap hole is.

Thanks a lot

So it should be a bearing problem...

I'm more releaved!

No it is probably the seals and maybe the shaft, but if you are pulling it apart anyway I would replace it all because it doesn't cost that much.

There are quad sites on the internet with pictures and everything for replacing it. If you need a link let me know and I will try to find one for you.

My new WR450 leaked out the weep hole from day 1. The dealer replaced the seals under warranty and it hasn't leaked since.

The original seal had somehow stuck to the shaft during the time the bike sat around before I bought it, leaving a thin layer of the seal inner edge on it. They had to polish the shaft and replace just the seals, which are pretty cheap.

It's going to cost me 190€, 210$ to replace the seals.

the mechanic said it woud take around 3 hours to do it!

I think i«m being robbed because, they said they would need to take the gearbox off to unscrew the turbine from the axle.

If u guys have some pics or the link to see how to do it i would apreciate

Sorry about the english!

I had the same problem on mine. It works pretty much as jshtex described it. My guess is that it's only the seal that's broken. Get the water out of the engine. remove the waterpump cover. Here's another tip of how to get off the impeller and how i did it. Put the bike in 1:st gear and ask a friend to stand on the footbrake then remove the impeller counter-clockwise. After that you should se the seal. use a small screwdriver and carefully remove the seal. After that, visually inspect the shaft for damages, I doubt you find any, clean the shaft and may also use some scotchbrite to "hone" the surface of the shaft. If you do, make sure to clean very well after you done. Now install the new seal and reverse the order of disassembly. :thumbsup:

Even with removing the right side cover, if it takes your mechanic more than an hour he doesn't know what he is doing. Or like you said he is stealing your money.

Here is a link to a quad site with pictures / instructions should be close enough to the bike to get the job done. Heck maybe you can print it out and take it to your mechanic so he will know how to do it.



i did my son's wr4 after 3 years again,

i followed the steps outlined by the gurus here,

not tat very hard to do,


I just put a boyesen water pump cover and impeller on my bike it took like maybe 30 min. thats with having to go get more engine Ice at the cycle store down the street.I took the impeller off buy holding the crank shaft nut on the other side of the bike through the little hole with the plastic cap that unscrews pretty simple if you ask me.

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