gas in oil?

i hear a lot about people having gas in their oil? it seems to me that when i change oil on anything i can smell gas so that must just be the oil smell. is there something to look for in the oil that will tell you there is gas in it, will it change color or does it just look normal?

Gas in your oil can be caused by not turning off the fuel valve. The gas will leak into the cylinder if your intake is open, then it will seep pass your rings into your cases. You can also get gas in the oil over time if you are getting blowbye the rings. As long as your don't smell alot of gas you should be ok. Gas will mix with oil but if you have alot of gas in the oil, the oil will look real thin almost as thin as water. Then you have a problem. Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

thanks for the help, anyone else have any input?

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