Any Problems with 06 YZ450's yet?

Just wondered how everyones 06 YZ450F's are doing? I have heard they are not built for tall people? Is that true? Also need some tech help with my CRF450.

How do you check the cam tensioner on an 05 CRF450? Already asked for advice in CRF thread but having no luck. My bike started making timing chain slapping noises today and everyone told me it was the timing chain tensioner. I took it off and tried to press it with my fingers and it wouldn't depress. Someone help me so I can sell this piece of ____ and get me a YZ450F. Tired of red bikes. Going back to blue if someone can help me. I ordered a manual cam tensioner today from TT. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Russ

well im a mini, so the tall part i cant help u with. but i love my 450 to death, it handles the best i have ever had in a still new so i cant tell u if it is reliable or not.

I have put 21 hours onto my 06 yz 450 and it flat out rips!! After some jetting changes(every bike) and setup changes, for my tall frame, it's the best bike I've riden yet. The steering, suspension and handling are the big pluses. I removed the stock bars with RC hi bend renthals which are very tall with little sweep and installed my fastway pegs in the back and lowered position. these 2 changes have given me more room to move around, i am 6'3". I am still waiting on my SDG tall seat. This is my first yami and first thumper. I came off of riding/racing KTM's and previously Honda's, so far I am happy. The suspension and handling is what sold me (although I have not tested the 06 Honda suspension). Also, these yz's are known for longevity....from what I'm told.

Can't help you out with the chain tensioner, I wouldn't be riding it until it was torn apart and inspected

I was searching for the right handlebar bend and I find it. Pro Tapers Windhams Mx is the perfect bend for my height of 6' ft. I flat out love the bike and couldn't be happier with it.

Yeah, my 450 is a pile of crap. It's too light, too fast, looks too good, begs me to spend money on it, makes me look like a spode, handles like a dream, makes people turn there head and stare while driving down the road, and puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. Don't buy one, you'll regret every minute of it!

Took my CRF to the shop for new timing chain today. Didn't want to purchase special tools since after it is fixed it is gone. Can't wait to sell the CRF. You would think after 2 other CRF's I would learn. I found one for $5999 out the door. Is that a good deal. This is a cash only deal. No financing.

06 yz450 for 5999, jump on it! thats major cheap

06 yz450 for 5999, jump on it! thats major cheap


Yes, and I am not happy about it.

My knee doctor says I cant ride till July!

The only problem I have with my 06 450 is my wife. She doesn't let me ride enough.

I wish I would have bought the 06 YZ450F in the first place. I was trying to save $1800 bucks. After I bought the 05 CRF450 I started thinking about the spokes , valves, rims I will have to replace soon. Anyone looking for a 06 YZ450F go to $5999 out the door.


ps. my wife even told me to go buy the YZ450. Listen to the old lady next time.

I hate my 06 yz. :thumbsup: I didn't have to much on it to race. My other bike let me spend a boat load of money on it. I'm puting the heavier springs in it this week and changing the jetting.

I installed the GYT-R bar raises on y what a differant animal....

thats all i've awesome machine

The only problem I have with my 06 450 is my wife. She doesn't let me ride enough.

The bike or her? :thumbsup:

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