tdub, i went to find your statement about the vortex being junk with the maps it comes with and i see you edited that out :thumbsup: well i was going to respond with....after yesterdays practice run on some tight single track laden with steep root and rock sections i noticed that in traction mode #5 this thing pulls like a john deere down low,it was chugging! i mean chug.....chug.....chug....etc... i've NEVER had my bike react that way in that situation,in fact it reminded me of my old xr 600. this can only be attributed to the ignition as it was the only thing different (as of late) fuel economy is better (surprisingly better) and you can rip with a flick of the thumb. so please tell me what is junk about that :confused: its awesome for HS/CC type riding :thumbsup:

Yeah, I'm still confused too... :thumbsup:

If I could only post the graphs that I have made, it would make my explanation so much easier. The reason I deleted the post was after I thought about it, it wasnt my place to rip a product that you are apparently more than happy with...and it all boils down to that is what counts. All I can say from my own experience is that I have sent back as many of them as I have tried. Either with failures or unhappy with the results. But at the same time I am glad you are happy with yours. Tdub

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