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I just bought a 6' x 12' enclosed trailer and I am looking for ideas on how to set it up. Anyone have pictures of the interior of their trailer to share?

I did a search but there doesn't seem to be a lot of pictures.


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Try a search in this forum - I think the user's name is "toyota_MDT_tech" or something like that.

He has an enclosed trailer that he fully pimped out - just like what you're thinking of doing. He had a post on it a while back. Good luck! :thumbsup:


Found the link on his trailer: Toyota_MDT_Tech's trailer


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Well, I was going to put up a link to my webpage which I documented (was asked ton of question, wanted pic plus sources etc.) and figured a webpage with links would be the easiest way. But it appears my link has been added by about 3 other posters in this thread already. Looks like my trailer has gotten nationwide recognition. :thumbsup: And thanks guys for the kind words. :confused: I was hoping for other members pictures (its what attracted me to this thread) for more ideas on anything I might be able to add. :thumbsup: I have changed from Earthlink to Comcast, so the webpage will expire. But I have uploaded it onto my new ISP at: toyota_mdt_tech's trailer build off page"

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I have a 5x10 Haulmark that I did a few things to. Not as elaborate as Toyota's, but definitely eye catching... I'll have to take some pics and post them. Works great to keep all of the stuff out of the garage!


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Thanks for all the info everyone has posted. Toyota does have a very nice setup but it is also a bigger trailer than what I bought.

Dan, I would like to see any pics you can take.

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How much can I expect to pay for a Haulmark or Pace 6x10? I'm thinking about buying one this Spring.

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Just found these pictures that I had. They were originally posted by someone that I know on another MX forum. I still have his original quotes/description too:

Here is the view from the rear...note the things along the sides are water tanks, not fender wells (this is a 6x12, the wheels are on the outside). In front of the orange water jug is a box that contains the AC/DC distribution panel and converter/charger.


Here is the console I built that holds a Sony CD player, 4-6x9's, AC outlet, DC outlet, and a small LCD panel that monitors the charge left in the battery.


Here is the right tank and the gas can holder I made.


Here is the left 30 gallon tank and the spare tired I bolted to the wall.



This is a really cool light that my buddy made. It hangs in this holder that I made until I need it outside at a night race, the I lift it out and drop it down into the hollow bar thing that latches the door shut and it will twist whatever direction I need it (I can also remove it and use it at the back door)


This is where the deep cycle battery is located that powers the 12v stuff in the trailer. I also throw air filters, hoses for pressure washer etc. in here.


This is the EZ-Up holder that I made



I just have a single group 24 battery that I pulled from my motorhome (when I switched it to 2-6v's in series). Basically all I run on it is the small ceiling lights and the radio. I would imagine it would run a VERY long time, but at night races I generally plug the trailer into the generator on the motorhome and the converter/charger that I installed in the trailer has a 3-stage smart charger built in that tops off the battery.

The CD player and speakers are mounted in a box I made out of partical board and then glued the white FRP (Fiber re-inforced paneling..available at lowes or home depot) and trimmed it out with aluminum angle. The power comes from a 12v battery mounted in the diamond plate toolbox on the tongue. It is fed through conduit under the trailer then up through the floor into and RV AC/DC distribution panel (it has AC breakers on one side and automotive fuses on the other side). From here each AC and DC circuit is on it's own fuse/breaker.

Also I didn't mention how the water tanks work. They are RV fresh water tanks that I covered with diamond plate for protection (because they are very thin). The 1 1/2" plumbing of the tank goes through the floor into a tee and then out a spigot on the drivers side. The tanks are "backfilled" through the spigot... that is what the vent hose out the top is for. I also put valves on the vents so water doesn't splash out or leak out if stopped on a hill.

$100 flooring

$180 diamond plate box

Battery...from motorhome

Converter/charger.. took from motorhome

CD player... already had laying around

wiring....most of it laying around

$120 two pingle removable wheel chocks

$20 paint

$150 (I think!) tool chest in the middle

$90 water tanks

$30 assorted plumbing parts (spigot etc.)

two sheets of partical board to build stuff (don't remember price)

two sheets of the white FRP I used to cover the stuff I built

aluminum angle to trim the pieces I built

Assorted diamond plate stuff (free if a friend has a job that allows him access to the materials and equipment)

Closet-Made shelving sides and up front around $150 total probably

And here's the center tool chest/cabinet thing: Stack-On Tool Chest

He originally linked me to www.toolking.com as having it...but it doesn't look like they carry it anymore. It's a "Stack-On PSCS-5, Silver Steel Plastic Tool Tower".

Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

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I have a 6X10 trailer - it is a work in progress right now.... My goal is to have a trailer I can use for general purpose moving around and also for hauling the dirt bikes (most of the time - 2 bikes, but sometimes 3).

I bolted three strips of e-track in - two are 8" away from each sidewall with another down the center of the trailer (running front to back). I welded two more strips along the lefthand wall - one about 16" off the floor and another 16" from the top of the wall. This will let me strap a pop-up against the wall, etc.

If you want to be able to pull the wheel chocks out to carry other stuff at times - then I would go with pingel wheel chocks. If you are only using the trailer to haul bikes, then a bike shoe is nice - roll the bike in and clamp down the front wheel with no tie-downs to worry about, etc.

For flooring - I would stay away from the floor tiles - they are relatively heavy and aren't very resistant to fuel, etc. I have herculiner bedliner kit stuff for the floor - it is available in grey - which is nice.


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How much can I expect to pay for a Haulmark or Pace 6x10? I'm thinking about buying one this Spring.

I made the short trip to Cheyenne, WY and bought from Garry at The Box Shop. Here is a link with his current inventory and pricing. All the CO dealers I called were quite higher in price and Garry was great to deal with. I would definitely buy from him again.

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Here are a couple of pictures of my 2005 7X14 Interstate trailer that I modified into a mini toy hauler.





I ordered the trailer 6 inches lower in height with 2 windows. It has an RV door and rear ramp. I insulated it, installed cabinets, bathroom with a porta potti, 110v panel, microwave, fridge, sink, table, fold down bunks etc.

The trailer easily holds my wr250, a wolverine and a blaster.

I would like to talk to toyota about some of the electrical that he has set up in his trailer so that I can make a few more modifications.

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MXBOY00, nice setup. Did a fantastic job. I see you built lots of the metal stuff, are you a sheetmetal worker by trade? Again, nice work! :thumbsup:

lol, thanks...but I can't take credit for that. As I said in my original post, I had them saved (along with the quotes/description) from when I saw a guy post those pictures on another MX forum that I visit.

I have an identical size trailer, so I want to set mine up like that eventually though. :thumbsup:

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cdn wr450, I have been thinking about making a mini toy hauler very similar to yours. I saw the Haulmark Escape and thought it was great. I would really like to hear some more about what it takes to build a trailer like that. I am worried that buy the time I buy all the water tanks and appliances and other materials, I will have a small fortune invested. Do you have a shower? Heater? Where are the water and black water tanks? I was thinking that the trailer would have to be 7x16 But it looks like yours came out great at 7x14. Why did you choose that size and are you happy withe the 14. I want it to be as light as possible so I wont hesitate to just take it for day rides. You did a great job and have given me new inspiration. Please tell me more.

Do you have a water heater and stove? I see there are two faucets. What is going on there?

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