XR650 vs WR426

I just had the oppurtunity to ride both of these bikes, the XR650 has ungodly amounts of torque, but the 426 is so nimble.

Any thoughts on the two bikes?

Where do you ride?

And you didn't think the WR had gobs of torque? I seriously can't imagine needing more power than what the 426 motor is capable of. Just had mine for a few weeks now and with just the free mods the thing is a blast. I think I know what you mean about the XR torque though, it has it right down low, right off the very bottom! If you're riding any tighter trails at all, you cannot go wrong with a WR.

Oh yeah, no doubt the 426 has power o plenty, just reletive to the 650, which just rips from low to high. Anyway, compared to my current ride, a 98 XR250, they both rip. 250 is a great bike which I love, so reliable its nuts, I've just moved beyond what it can give me. So im considering a 650, or a WR 400/426. Anyway, just my .02 cents

my brother-in-law has a 650, I ride a 426. the 426 is my first dirt bike, so I dont know crap. The in-law loves my bike in the woods, on hills, in rough terrain.. the only time he likes is xr is on that wide open flats. however, he admits that the XR is much more stable on the trail, but that makes it slower than the 426. at least those are his words. just trying to help.



I agree for the most part, the 426 is really nimble, works well in the trails, but once the 650 gets moving its center of gravity makes it rock solid.

As it stands if I am going to get either i'd probably get the 426.

Again, if you're riding more open stuff then the XR may do, but you'll be kicking yourself in the tighter trails, especially after coming from a 250. A test ride is one thing, picking the bike up out of a creek bed is another. Now if you're like 6-4 and a really strong then you can bend the XR around anything. Hell, I bent an XR650L around Colorado all summer last year. Now there are some epic deals on the XR650R, especially a used one. And really good deals on left over '01 WR's too

Curious who's WR you rode...dealer or individual...and if the regular "must-do" mods were done to it?? There is absolute night & day difference. The way the WR is delivered to this country is a joke. Even if the gray wire was not cut yet, you're missing out on the top to bottom rip. Now I've never ridden a 650R before (perhaps someone can chime in here) but I have a hard time believing that it accelerates anything like an unplugged WR, at least up to 80 mph or so? If you want a fair display of what the WR motor is capable of, throw your leg over a YZ. The gearing is different, but more power than most humans should have access too. smile.gif

I recently purchased a DRZ400S (sorry guys, but I live in California and needed street legal w/out huge headaches). My buddy is getting an XR650L because he wants the power, I got the DRZ because I wanted the handling and lighter weight. I think one of the recent magazines summed it up when they called the XR a great "dirt touring bike." The DRZ has plenty of power, and the WR has me topped by plenty. If I was buying a bike for only off-road, Yamaha would have my money.

Try stoping an XR on a nasty downhill! Those EXTRA 60LBS will make themselfs well known to you in a BIG way. Also the XR makes you a lazy sit down rider. Thats ok if thats what your into. But if you want a bike to "DO IT ALL" and not beat you up all day GET THE WR!


Mark...00 426 w/plates,and $4000.00 of other attachments!

I think im gonna go with the WR or maybe an XR 400, depends, have to do some further research into the two bikes. My father recently made the suggestion that if I want to ride a big bore every now and then, I can just ride his 600 (at 6' 3" and 178 (im 16), I can handle the bike, but you guys are right, its not really what I want right now). The WR sounds like a good bike, but I've heard great things about the XR as well (not to mention its lower $$$). Any ideas/reccomendations welcome

Just sold my XR600 and Husaberg FE400 and bought a 426. I have also riden an XR 400. The XRs are great trail bikes, but they are soft and flexy at speed. Power wise, they are not in the same league as a 426. Same goes for the handling. The stiff frame and suspension on the Yamaha allow you to hit things way harder and get away with it. If you buy a Husaberg, get 2 - you will need one for spare parts.

Hah, no berg for me, never undetstood those bikes (1 bolt for the header!?!!?!!). Anyway, its now down to the choice of spending more for the high end bike, or less for the good, less high end bike.

Hah, no berg for me, never undetstood those bikes (1 bolt for the header!?!!?!!). Anyway, its now down to the choice of spending more for the high end bike, or less for the good, less high end bike.

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