Got My BRP.

sweet deal, uncork that puppy, throw on a e-series pipe(my opinion) and get ready for some jumps and wheelies :thumbsup:

Good find. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Congrats Man, cool bike. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Nice! Good luck with it. Have fun!

Congrats! Ride on! :thumbsup:

It is uncorked but that's about it.

How much weight will I shave off the pig if I go with an aftermarket pipe?

Other than lack of e-start, those are some of the best most reliable bikes I have ever ridden with. They kick pants and are a blast on the trails. If you drop it get ready to break a sweat kicking.

I know they can be a bear to start hot.

I've got a 300 EXC for the tight stuff.

Looks like a good find :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: me too, got mine today, was uncorked stock, thank you honda had a bit of trouble getting the baffle out of the staintune but its out and the header is on and im loving the power, enjoy your brp :thumbsup:

Wecome to BRP land....You'll enjoy the "R"... :thumbsup: ... :thumbsup:

Wecome to BRP land....You'll enjoy the "R"... :thumbsup: ... :thumbsup:

i think ill be staying for the rest of my life the way it feels is mindblowing

The BRP is not hard to start when it's hot. Only when you lay it down. Here is the remedy to that problem...

Get it TDC and then open the throttle all the way and give it a hard kick and it will fire up instantly. Be ready to let off the throttle immediately once it fires because it's going to rev fast. BTW make sure you're out of gear even if you have the clutch pulled in. It would suck if for some reason it grabbed and the bike would shoot out like a rocket from underneath you... :thumbsup:


It's a beaut!! Looks good! REAL GOOD! I just looked through our local Bike Trader magazine to find a similar buy, but did not find one! I"m not sure if it's because no one wants to sell, or because no one owns one anymore up here. Canada is kind of funny that way - lots of CRF's, but few enduros. Maybe it's because we don't have a DESERT!

very clean, first 2 things, grease the streering head, and linkage, then vent the stator case. what I learned here. more important then a pipe for now. then change the fork oil.

cool bike

Actually they start really easy when they are hot. The only time they are a bear to start is when a bike that still has the stock carb is dumped on it's side. That's because they flood immediately. Then you must follow the routine to clear the cylinder of excess fuel.

Forget the after market exhaust. Too much money for the limited returns they offer. Spend that money on a Edelbrock carb and you will be much happier. With an Edelbrock the bike no longer floods when you dump it. Most the time it doesn't die but if it does one or two kicks and your on your way.

Bike is easy to start hot. Harder when cold. Another way to clear a flooded carb is to hold the throttle wide open, pull the compression release and kick the bike over 3-4 times. Then start as normal. This always works for me. Congrats on the purchase, looks clean.

The biggest draw for me with the exhaust is to drop a few lbs. off the bike. The stock can is like a boat anchor. I really don't need anymore power than what it has now.

Jayzonk, just be patient. That's what I did and they do come up.

The biggest draw for me with the exhaust is to drop a few lbs. off the bike.
and it also helps cool the bike
Jayzonk, just be patient. That's what I did and they do come up.

its true, keep on the lookout and you will find the one for you :thumbsup:

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