Wr450 suspension settings.

Guys, anyone racing enduro/harescrambles that can give some settings to try out, I'm 100kg's but in my last event a week back I seemed to be bouncing the front end all over the place, lost(washed) the front end out in wet going at least 4 times. Front tyre pressure was about 110kpa because it was rocky.

My present settings are:-

Forks compression (bottom) from the alignment punch marks - 12 out.

rebound (top) - 12 out.

Rear Shock comp (top) - Low comp - 9 out High comp 1.5 out

rebound (bottom) - 12 out.

Any constructive advice will be appreciated.

No one???

100Kg = 220#. I weigh 210 with an additional 25# of gear. My stock rear spring preset is at the max setting but still allows 4.75" of sag. Too much - should be 3.5-3.9". I have ordered a 5.6Kg/mm rear spring (stock is 5.3) and will need .48kg/mm fork springs. You shouldn't be changing the settings until you have the correct springs. They are about $100 for the rear, and the same for a pair for the front. See the following web site for calculating which springs you need per your riding style.


Good luck


Beejay - I would definately suggest you get the suspension resprung and revalved for your weight. At 100kgs, you are too heavy for the stock springs.

Just going harder on the comp and rebound settings won't do much at all having soft valving to start with, except make the action very harsh.

Having the suspension set up properly for you is the best mod you can do to a bike, the difference is unbelievable. It makes riding the bike so easy, and eliminates most of those "moments". You know the ones I am talking about.

Thanks guys, I'm a bit late on this, I think I'll go with your suggestions as I've tried all settings without much improvement. Closest suspension experts to me are some 400km's away but will take her in next trip I do.

I had to take mine off and send them airmail! Thats how far I am away from anyone with half an idea!

Depends on how serious you are about your performance - of course getting your suspension re-valved, heavier springs etc will give you better results (if your into spending that kind of money) - why dont you add 30mm of oil to ur front forks. The minimium is 120mm and maximum 70mm (measured from the top of the fork). this should stiffen the action and reduce bottoming. this is what some people do when adding a larger capacity tank - try this before you spend 2 months salary on new springs!

Thread from the dead!!!!!!

Let it rest in peace

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