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Why do I ride? Dirt, blood, and adrenaline!

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I recently posted about having riden an XR 650 (dads friends) and a WR 426 (my friends) to compare the two, what a day that was. Living in Oregon makes for some great trails, and Mt. Hood did not dissapoint. The first bike, the 426 is of the trailer, the gears on, the excitements building. I get her started, rev her up, and once again prove that front wheel contact is for wussies. I knew that both of these bikes would be a night and day difference from my XR250, but I didnt realize quite how amazing the WR is. I was rocketing down a wide trail, until I came to the fork in the road, one trail leads to more 4 bike width trails and reletivly flat terrian, and the other takes you into some knarly single track and hill climbs. Not here to test top speed, I took the right way and started doing some quick switchbacks, holy crap, this thing has torque, more wheel spin than I can handle! As I progressed up the gully the turns got tighter and tighter until there was a straight and intimadating climb to the top, but I pointed her nose up, cracked the throttle wide, and threw enough trail behind my tire to force the guy on the KLX behind me to have to stop and scrape the mud from his helmet and goggles. The bike literally flew up the hill and left the earth behind at the top. Holy s***, never done that on my 250! Riding an adrenaline high I cracked her open and got into a rhythem as I took a gently curving bend. FU** how could I completely forget that there is a sharp switchback at the end of this! Grab the stoppers, sit back, sh**, not going to stop in time, stand up, jump of, drop the bike. Landed doing what seemed like mach 5, flew into an embankment, bumps, ribs all feel bruised, shattered ego nothing too serious. Luckily the bike dropped and slid into the embankment just short of where it the trail turned and the edge dropped of into a gully. Clutch lever is broken, fenders scratched, amazingly bike is otherwise fine. Have to carefully shift between 1 and 2nd the whole way back. Damnit, that was almost a 5,000 dollar mistake, and it isnt even my bike! Well, overall I was very pleased with the bike, not quite as torquey as the 650, but I cant imagine what I need the 650s gobsmacking power for, maybe towing quads up vertical walls? Anyway, Remember folks, riding is a serious addiction, feed the craving!


- Just so everyone knows, I am bajagod, but for whatever reason this BB seems to decide that the Bajagod nick does not exist for short periods of time. So i'll be using this for awhile

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