HRC Hop-Up Kit for the 650L?

I thought there was a hop-up kit, right from Honda, that could be used, instead of doing Dave's mods. Is it just for the R? Or is it also for the L?

No hop up kits for factory street legal machines. Only for closed course or competition ones. Do the standard CV (Constant Velocity) mods. These "adjustments," just like the CV carb, have been around longer than the XRL. :thumbsup:

Check out for all the gory 'L' details. If you've got a Service Manual of any kind, basic tools & knowledge, a 5/32" drill bit, larger main & pilot jets, and a very small washer (0.025" - 0.040") to raise the jet needle (I made my own from nylon) you can do them yourself. The hardest part is fanagling the carb out of the bike, which really isn't that hard. :thumbsup:

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