after riding my new piggy

i now know what it must feel like to be addicted to smoking lol, all i want to do is ride the brp its driving me crazy sitting here infront of this pc god damn why does it have to be night time lol, after spending an hour getting the staintune header on and working out that the guy i bought it off had thermal tape in the silencer that was stopping them from fitting together properly


I would like to hear about the Staintune system. I really want a full system, but I need something pretty quiet for the dual sport rides I do.

its a good system even with the baffle out it isnt loud and still provides the flow needed, and the steel mesh system requires no cleaning in it and they tend to hold their resale value, ill try to get a soundclip of it tomorrow

hey im also interested

is there a huge weight difference between and stock ?

where could i get one from , im in new zealand .

cheers mate :thumbsup: list of dealers or they ship internationally, i know the header is a bit lighter than the stock but have no idea about the silencer as it was on the bike when i got it

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