87 XR600 cam chain

Has anyone replaced the cam chain and tensioner in their bike? Are there any special tools I need and what should I be checking out while I'am in there?

Go to this page, http://www.hondaxl.it/manuali.htm

and download the service manual section that you need.

It's for the XL600R, so it's not exactly the same, but close enough.

The section you are looking for is part-6, I think.

It's not too hard. You need a torque wrench to get the crank and clutch nuts back to spec (90 and 80 ft-lbs). Don't put the right side cover on until you are done. The manual specs a special tool to hold the tensioner. I just push on the rear cam chain and guide to hold it back while putting the sprocket on. Unless you are lucky and get it right the first time, you will most likely be doing it a few times until you get the cam chain timing right.

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