How to remove old graphics & install new?

Please help what is the best way to remove stock graphics and seat cover and install FMF graphics and seat cover on my BRP? Please start from the beginning I'm new at this.. Thank You :thumbsup:

Take a heat gun or hair dryer and heat the old graphics and peel back. then use goo gone or some other solvent (I think some may recommend brake cleaner)

When putting the new ones on make sure the plastic is clean, clean, clean. use the heat gun/ hd and heat up the plastic and graphics. Use the heat to stretch the graphics around the contours of the plastic. Some people spray windex or soap and water on the plastic and leave it wet to help the graphics slide into position.

Take your time don't panic and if they doen't go where you want peel it back and try it again. Most graphics that are good quality are forgiving enough to allow you to peel 'em off a few times until you get it right.

Oh and only peel off a portion of the backing until you get them in place.

Use paint thinner to get the sticky stuff off after you peel off the graphic. That stuff works the best. Just put alot onto a rag and rub it on hard and it will come right off.

Use windex on the sticky side of the graphics. Don't worry it will still stick when all said and done. The windex will allow the graphics to slide into place and you'll be able to peel them back easier if you misalign. Use the hair dryer to warm the graphics so they will mold to the plastics easier. Some use a sqeegy or a credit card or scraper to rub on he graphics and get out all the air bubbles and the windex. I personally just use a soft rag and push hard. That way there is no risk of scratching those brand new graphics.

Let dry overnight and waaalaaa a pretty bike!!!

Also if you mess up and have to peel back the graphics.... be careful not to stretch them to much as you do it.

that sounds great now how about changing the seat cover? Tanks again :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Thank You All I need to know I hope :thumbsup:

Do the seat cover 1st then align the graphics to it. They usually flow together and it makes it nice to line them up. A professional upholstery shop has the skill and tools to do it right and make it look professional.

I use the windex to help align the graphics as well. Clean all of the plastic with alcohol as well if there is any contaminates you will get bubbles.

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