Help changing springs?

OK, this might sound like a dumb question, but I didn't get a service manual with my '04 450. What is the easiest (only?) way to change out the rear shock spring? The bike came with a light spring and I bought one better for my weight - problem is, I have never switched springs out and I need some guidance. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Grab yourself an '03 manual at ThumperFAQ

'03/'04 is very, very nearly identical in almost every respect.

Remove the rear shock, unscrew the preload rings, pull the keeper and switch springs. It would be hard for it to be simpler. Note the the end diameters at the top and bottom are two different dimensions.

its easy. put your pre load rings up as far as they can so theirs less tentioon on the spring. then take a screw driver (flat ones) and pry the 2 bottom peaces out of the shock. then it comes right off. i did it to my quads rear shock. :thumbsup:

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